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The Tailored Tails Story

Alongside my partner, the creative force behind Downshift Design, I've experienced the vibrant world of automotive events. It was in this high-octane atmosphere that I noticed a gap just waiting to be filled: high-quality, non-automotive products for event-goers and their families. This insight led to the birth of Tailored Tails, a boutique collection of handmade pet accessories designed to bridge this gap.

At Tailored Tails, we believe that every pet deserves to strut their stuff in style, whether they're accompanying their owners at car shows or turning heads in the local park. Our range of bowties, bandanas, and neckties are meticulously crafted with love, reflecting the same passion for quality and design that Downshift Design is known for.

Our mission is simple: to ensure that no family member, especially the furry ones, is left out of the fun and fashion of automotive events.

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